Why Should You Not Ignore the Air Conditioner Leaking Gas?

Imagine having to endure the sultry summer without the Ac aiding in lowering the temperature. Sounds like a nightmare, right? It is no doubt that the beneficial aspects of air conditioner help you a great deal. However, it is foolish to discard the danger that can come from the air conditioner leaking gas. You might not understand the full potential of the harm, but it is serious enough to call in the experts.

Knowing how to fix small issues is an excellent skill. However, when it comes to something as complicated as an air conditioner, it is best to get professional aid. They can assess the situation and offer suitable solutions.

Air Conditioner Leaking Services
Air Conditioner Leaking Services

What Actually Leaks from the Air Conditioner?

The majority of the air conditioner uses Freon or R22 coolants. But, the latest ones use R410-A. No matter the type, these refrigerants are all variants of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). They pose a great danger to not only your life but also to the environment. As such, it is vital to dispose of it with the utmost care.

Why Ignoring the Air Conditioner Leaking Gas is a Bad Idea?

Not giving importance to air conditioner leaking gas can lead to serious consequences. There are several reasons that explain why you must not ignore the leakage. Let’s check out why.

More Damage to the Air Conditioner

The most immediate side-effect of the gas leakage is the extra pressure on the compressor. It can ultimately damage the compressor beyond repair. You might even have to repair the whole AC.

Financial Woes

Compare the cost of fixing a gas leakage and repairing a compressor. Which do you think costs more? Obviously, the compressor! The more time you leave the gas leak unchecked, the more you might have to pay at the end. Also, an air conditioner leaking gas can increase the electricity bill. According to several reports, with a 10% leak in refrigerant, there is a 20% increment in electricity consumption.

Health Hazards

The health issues associated with a gas leakage of an air conditioner are plenty. Keep in mind that refrigerant poisoning is a serious medical condition and must be treated as such. Some common symptoms include headache, nausea, etc.

The short-term effects of inhaling CFC are –

  •   Dizziness
  •   Increase in the heart rate
  •   Issues with balance

Apart from these, prolonged exposure to the gas leak can cause several symptoms like difficulty in berating, too much coughing, loss of sensation, and in some cases, death.

If the CFC interacts with the skin, it can cause cracking, dryness, and irritation. Also, the heat-absorbing ability of the CFC can lead to frostbite in delicate regions like eyelids.

The Threat to the Environment

Apart from lowering the quality of air, the air conditioner leaking gas can have a profound effect on mother Earth. These gases are readily absorbed by the soil. They penetrate the deep layers and eventually mix with the underground water. Now, this can be really harmful. Human beings, animals, plants, and other organisms depend on this natural source of water. It can indirectly become a huge threat to different life forms existing on Earth.

What to Do When You Detect an Air Conditioner Leaking Gas?

The only thing that you can do when you diagnose an air conditioner leaking gas is to stop using it. Do not even try to fix the gas leaks as you can cause further damage to the air conditioner. It can ultimately cost you more than what it would have cost initially.

In this scenario, the best move is to contact the professionals. Heating Doctor Melbourne offers premium services with the aid of certified AC repair technicians. Our technicians use modern tools and only go for the safest route while dealing with an issue. We are available 24×7 and charge reasonable prices. Give us a call and let us fix your gas leak safely.