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With You For You 24 Hours Dedicated to Melbourne:
Complete Care For Your Heating and Cooling Needs

Heating and cooling units have a great role in houses and offices and any issue with them might be a big problem. Heating Doctor Melbourne is with you for you 24 hours dedicated to Melbourne with a set of services for complete care for your heating and cooling needs. Our heating and cooling Melbourne services are always available for your ease.

Also, we have only certified and trained technicians for looking after all heating and cooling unit installation, repair, replacement, or maintenance demands. We have no other work than solving the Melbourne heating and cooling units issue. Show your trust in our services and see our level of expertise and greatness in the services.

That Will Keep You Comfortable in All Season

Either a heating unit or a cooling unit will be needed as per the weather to keep yourself comfortable and we support you in this with our services that will keep you comfortable in all seasons. We can install, repair, maintain, and replace all types of heating and cooling units. No heating or cooling unit is new to our heating and cooling Melbourne team and we have all tools required for the service. Thus we are ready in all terms to help people in Melbourne upkeep their heating and cooling units. You can blindly trust our team if you need any kind of service for the given heating and cooling units.

About Us
We Are Heating Doctor Melbourne

You might be reading about Heating Doctor Melbourne for the first time but we have a customer base of more than 10k+ satisfied clients in Melbourne and its suburbs and this data tells all about us. 

Heating Doctor Melbourne is a company that was established around 25 years ago with the sole aim to ease the life of people with quick and effective heating and cooling Melbourne unit services. We are the most desired team for all kinds of heating and cooling unit services in this region. People love our services and we love solving heating and cooling unit problems faced by the people.

Furthermore, with an established name we have taken so many responsibilities that are part of this service including the adoption of new tools and equipment for repair, new professionals with the training of new days, change in service areas, and change in service hours. We make every effort to take your life to a stage where you do not have to think much before booking a technician for servicing heating and cooling Melbourne units because you have our contact.

Know More About Us

Areas Available in Melbourne and Surrounding Suburbs

Heating Doctor Melbourne is one of those companies that have the entire Melbourne and its suburbs in their service areas. We are popular in Northern, Western, Eastern, and Southern Suburbs including CBDs. Our team serves from the north to south, and from the west to east. Do not worry about your location in Melbourne and heating cooling services, make a booking with us and get the services at the desired timings.

Popular Heating and Cooling Brands We Can Assist You in Melbourne

From local and national brands to international brands, we can service all brands of heating and cooling Melbourne units. We are also in touch with makers of heating and cooling units in Australia that help us to understand various complexities in these systems and we use those ideas during the service.


Why Choose Us?

Trusted By Melbourne’s Residence

When 70%-80% of Melbourne residents trust us for Ducted heating and cooling Melbourne and other services then there must be something good in us and our team. Heating Doctor Melbourne is no longer a local name, we are now a brand name for all kinds of heating and cooling services in Melbourne and its nearby areas. Here are five reasons that explain our superiority in Heating And Cooling Melbourne Eastern Suburbs, Heating And Cooling Melbourne Western Suburbs, and services in other regions of Melbourne.

  • Safety of great level: Safety of great level before, during, and after the service.
  • No waste of time: Hiring our experts means no waste of time, we start and end with what is needed.
  • Servicing Resources: We have all resources that are required for heating and cooling unit services.
  • Certified technicians: Certified technicians with years of experience are part of the team that makes our services reliable.
  • Timely Service: Good at reaching a given place within a given time.

Reviews and Testimonial Section


The Best Plumbers in Melbourne

Heating Doctor Melbourne is indeed one of the best company in Melbourne that offers the best services for heating and cooling. The plumber they have in the team are highly trained and appeared on the day I called them for the appointment. Every time I find anything wrong with my split system I call their technicians and they never disappoint. I am glad, I found them. I highly recommend them to all the home and business owners for their heating and cooling needs.


Amazing Services for Air Conditioning Repair

I was in the search of a reliable and trusted company that can save my air conditioner from replacement. I had called out technicians from a number of companies and got the suggestion of air conditioner replacement. But when I contacted Heating Doctors Melbourne, I could see the rays of hope. The technicians assured that they can repair my air conditioner. I hired them immediately and these guys did what they promised. They really stood up to my expectation. Now, I am one of their permanent customers.


Highly Recommended

If you are in the search for a trusted heating and cooling system repair and servicing company in Melbourne, I suggest you go for Heating Doctors Melbourne. Their technicians are highly experienced who brought the best out of my damaged HVAC System. I have been taking their services for the last 4 years, and they have delivered me only the best. Also, they charge the reasonable price and deliver the complete value for money.


Choose The Certified HVAC Expert Team

That is Safe and Affordable

Here at Heating Doctor Melbourne, we not only give you an option to choose a Certified HVAC Expert we hold Certificate III in Air-conditioning and Refrigeration. Our team also assures you that our services are Safe and Affordable. We are the best in this region and our old customers can say a lot about our team and services. Our primary focus is Residential Heating And Cooling Melbourne Units Servicing, which requires a professional company and we can provide the most excellent service at the lowest price. Moreover, we have been providing an integrated repair, installation, replacement, and maintenance solution to decrease inevitable operational disruptions and safeguard your heating and cooling units.

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