Backflow Testing Melbourne

Professional Backflow Prevention Testing Service Melbourne

Heating Doctor Melbourne is a certified and reputed name for giving Backflow Testing Service in Melbourne. We are in this service for more than 20 years and have been useful to customers with our timely service. We have a team of highly trained and experienced technicians who are famous for the proper testing, installation and replacement of backflow system. Our effective service has to lead us to a successful mission and we are active day and night with our team to give the service.

Backflow Testing Melbourne
Backflow Testing Melbourne

Understanding The Backflow System

A system to separate the water supply meant for drinking and daily use. We need a separate supply system for drinking water also called potable water. To keep a check on the intermixing of the water supply backflow system is installed. It is installed at the main supply pipe at the point from where the water supply comes to our house.

What Leads To Backflow System Burst or Failure?

These are the possible reasons for the backflow system burst or failure:

  • High-pressure water supply at a sudden
  • Leakages in the water supply system
  • Old backflow system
  • Opening of more number of hydrants

What Do We Do in Backflow Testing Service Melbourne?

  • Backflow Testing and maintenance: in Melbourne involves the testing of each part of the backflow system to determine if they are in better condition or chances of their working conditions in the future. Depending upon the types of issue in the backflow system, we do the following testing to maintain the proper functioning of the backflow system:
  • Backflow Valve Testing: The testing of the valve on a 4-5 months gap is required to keep the water supply regular otherwise failure in the system can stop the supply, giving you a problematic situation. Only get the testing from an authorised service provider like us.
  • Backflow Valve Servicing: The valves can get scratched over a period of time and leading to failure of the system. We change the valve after the inspection if it has got scratched or in a condition to be replaced. Our service provider comes with the standard valve.
  • Installation and Replacement: We repair the backflow system parts related issues and also replace the parts or install a new backflow system if required. We suggest you get the new system installation seeing the condition of the working backflow system.
Expert Backflow System Service-Melbourne
Expert Backflow System Service Melbourne

We Do Backflow Prevention Service in Melbourne

To prevent the backflow system failure, we need to follow the guidelines given by water supply authority. Some of the guidelines are:

  • Get regular and timely services for backflow prevention Melbourne
  • by the expert from an authorised company.
  • Checking of the water supply system every 5-6 months if it is working properly.
  • Do not let the water get into your supply system if the hydrants are opened.
  • Installation of the failure prevention device ( Pressure Vacuum Breaker Assembly / Reduced pressure Backflow Prevention Assembly / Spill Resistant Pressure Vacuum Breaker Assembly or Double Check Valve Assembly) which works as a backup.

The Bad Impacts Which Can Occur With The Backflow System Failure

The failure of the backflow system can have several bad impacts. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • The intermixing of normal water with drinking water can lead to various water-borne diseases.
  • The water supply will get irregular to your house
  • It may cause leakages in the main water supply system

Testing, Replacement and Installation at The Standard Rates

The backflow system is installed in the ground and needs the permission of the water supply authority to dig the ground for the testing, replacement and installation. The complex process makes it a bit costly service. The work is out of the common people concern as they only search for the reliable team when they need the service, thus many companies let you pay high prices. When you get the work done by the professionals of Heating Doctor Melbourne, you are going to pay the prices fixed by the authorities which are the standard rate and best prices in comparison to others.

Backflow System Melbourne
Backflow System Melbourne

Why Heating Doctor’s Melbourne Team For Backflow Testing Service?

Heating Doctor Melbourne is a certified and authorised company to give Backflow Testing Melbourne. So when we will come for the service, there will be no issue of authorisation. The features of our company which make us different from others and give us a trustworthy and reliable name in the industry and among the customers are:

  • We have the availability of many active teams so we can reach your place on the same day of booking depending upon your needs.
  • Local plumbers at the service with better knowledge of the main water supply system with the experts for testing.
  • Servicing with advanced tools to ensure safety and long-lasting service for Backflow Prevention.
  • Timely service as we know the importance of water supply and its need.
  • Emergency team for the service depending upon the area.
  • Customer care support.

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