How To Know If Your Gas Heater Is Working Fine?

A survey has claimed that more than 40% of death happened because of sparking in the heater.  Which results in fire and cause destruction and takes human life’s. Gas poisoning is another dark side of the gas heating system, it causes shortness of breath, headaches, dizziness, nausea, weakness and a state of sleepiness or confusion. To know if your gas heater is at risk, just check for these signs.

Gas Heater Repairing Service

Gas Heater Repairing Service

Signs Of A Faulty Heater.

  1. Check if the outer casing is discoloured or is there any soot stains? This might be the symptom of a faulty flue.
  2. The pilot light ‘pops’ when lighting or goes out unexpectantly.
  3. If a yellow flame appeared in the heater, it indicates that the heater is not working properly.
  4. The wall shouldn’t be too hot when it is touched.
  5. An unusual smell or a noisy fan operation indicates a faulty heater.

This sign indicates that your heater needs attention, to avoid mishappening, it is advised to check with a professional. A professional would be able to fix the problem and provide you with the best solution. So, if you’re looking for a gas wall and space heater repair service or gas wall and space heater installation call professional.

Moreover here are some tips for maintaining your gas water heater to avoid any issue.

Quality Gas Heaters.

Quality gas heaters are immune from any potential risks, also quality heaters functions well. So, if you’re buying the gas heater ensure that it’s certified by the Australian Gas Association.


Get the servicing done of your gas heater every two years by professionals. Hire a licensed professional and get the servicing done. Gas heater service is very important for smooth and efficient functioning of the air conditioner.

Extra Care For Old Heaters.

If your heaters are old replace it’s parts and get the service done anually by professionals. Heating Doctor Melbourne is one of the best gas wall and space heater repair service provider, reach out to us in order to have the best service.

Gas Wall And Space Heater Service

Gas Wall And Space Heater Service

Avoid Hazard.

The placement of the heater should be done carefully, do not place the heater near any furniture. Any infllamable material increases the risk of fire. Also make sure that the room which you’ve installed the gas heater is ventilated.

You can always rely on us in order to get your gas heater cleaned. Call on our numbers for bookings, we’ll make sure that you gas heater cleaned completely.

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