Five Most Common Duct Problems In Your Home

Duct vents and pipes in your house play a vital role as they help in maintaining the temperature inside the house, and also helps in flowing out the waste in the form of used water or hot air. They are the most ignored things in the house which lead to problems into duct vents and pipes in your house. Below we are listing five most common problems your home ducts can suffer.

Duct Cleaning
Duct Cleaning

The List of Five Most Common Duct Problems in Your Home

1. Use of  Duct System Which is Improperly Designed

The improperly designed duct system can affect the temperature inside your house even though the HVAC systems are new and properly working. The improper design duct can bring back the hot air inside the house. You need to ensure the installation of ducts, in accordance with the HVAC systems.

2. Leakage Due To Bad Ductwork

Most of the air inside the house gets refreshed through the ducts, thus leakage to them can create haphazard condition inside the house and also allow the entry of dirt into the ducts. The entry of dirt in ducts will pollute the air you will breathe. Get the duct installation properly in your presence else you will suffer soon.

3.  Seal Damaged Registers and Grills

The loose connection can happen at the joint if they are done with poorly sealed registers and can be a big problem. The loose connection can affect the proper supply and the ducts will not last long in such conditions. Thus, you need to ensure the use of sealed registers and grills for connecting the joint.

4. Twisted or Torn Insulated Plastic Air Ducts

Use checked air ducts of plastics because many packets have twisted, kinked, crushed or torn  plastic air ducts. Use of the damaged air ducts will affect other parts of the system and you will have to call soon for duct repair. Thus, it’s better to ensure that these parts are in good condition while you buy them to use for the duct installation.

Air Duct Cleaning
Air Duct Cleaning

5. Dirt In Air Ducts

If it has been a long time since you got the installation of the ducts, then it may be that the air ducts have got jammed by the dirt, mould or pests. The jammed air ducts do not allow the proper flow of the air which results in adding hotness or humidity to the air inside your house. The Heating Doctor Melbourne environment inside the house become unbearable. The improper flow also increases the electricity bill. In such condition, you need to hire professional duct cleaners.


After knowing about all the five points described above, we realise that the fault at any steps of installation or ignoring duct cleaning and repair can bring several issues which can affect your health as well as increase your expenditure. So, ensure that the ducts get properly installed. And, if it is old and not working properly then go for repairing or cleaning as per the situation.

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