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Need Air Conditioning Melbourne? Call prompt, experienced domestic and commercial air conditioner for fast and professional air conditioning service and installations in Melbourne. We are giving A to Z service for all air conditioning in Melbourne within the economical price.

  1. On-time Air Conditioner Installation, Repairs and Servicing promised in Melbourne
  2. No Hidden quotation – no extra charges for weekend or public holidays
  3. Save money on your electricity bills with our 5-star rating air conditioners
  4. We repair, install and service all major brands of air conditioning systems in Melbourne
  5. Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Con System
  6. Split Cooling Systems
  7. Central Air Conditioning Systems
  8. Reverse Cycle Ducted AC Systems
  9. Room Air Conditioners
  10. Reverse Cycle Split Cooling Systems
  11. Reverse Cycle Multi Split Cooling Systems
  12. Ducted Gas Heaters & Coolers
  13. Evaporative Cooling Systems Melbourne
Air Conditioning Installations Service

Hire Expert Technician For Your Air Conditioner Installations

Tired of spending summers in hot weather? Is your Air Conditioning not working properly? Is the air conditioning not cooling as it should? If your answers are in yes then you have landed at the right place. Heating Doctor Melbourne is a renowned name when it comes to installation, maintenance and repairing of air conditioners and window Wall Air Conditioner. We provide Cheapest Cooling Service in all regions of Melbourne along with same day services as well.

Repair & Services To All Major Heating and Cooling Brands

Air Conditioning is the need for all homes, especially if you plan to deal with hot summers. It is of great importance that you keep them upright. Air Conditioning Melbourne and Heating Doctor Melbourne go hand in hand, as we strive hard to offer high-quality maintenance and repair services. We also make sure to prioritize our client’s requirements on top of the list. It helps in clearing out your home’s air and let you control the moisture as well, so all-in-all it’s important to have a maintained air conditioner. To control the working of them in a proper manner we offer maintenance services which ranges from the repairing of main pipes to installation of regulators and much more. Top brands that we have installed and repaired are:

  • Daikin Air Conditioning
  • Mitsubishi Electric home Air Conditioning
  • Panasonic Air Conditioning
  • Samsung Air Conditioning
  • LG Air Conditioner
  • Toshiba Air Conditioning
  • Lennox Air Conditioning
  • Air-well Air Conditioning

Services For Residential and Commercial Sectors

Commercial Air Conditioning Service

Heating Doctor Melbourne is the best company which offers best-discounted rates for both residential and commercial Heating and Cooling system. We specialize in dealing, maintaining and repairing of all top brands of air conditioners, split air conditioners, ducted refrigerated cooling and Evaporative Cooling System. Our company has grown over the years but we are still the same in providing best quality services to our clients. We offer reliable and affordable rates to our customers. Our call-out service includes the visit of the team in which they analyze, identify and diagnose the actual problem and offer to repair services as needed. We use only branded and top-rated AC parts and products.

Types Of Air Conditioning Service Offered By Us

  1. Split System Air Conditioning

    Our professionals are capable of handling, repairing, and servicing all kinds of split systems. We have worked with all brands of split air conditioners in Melbourne. With about 15 years of experience. Our customers get prompt and quality. It is a great way to create a comfortable and cool environment around the home. But for the proper functioning of your split system, it is important to have the air conditioning system serviced. And if you feel the need, call professionals for Split System Repair Melbourne.
    • Affordable charges for split systems repair
    • Quality services for split system servicing
    • Air conditioning maintenance and servicing throughout Melbourne, including remote areas.
Split Air Conditioning Melbourne
  1. Evaporative Cooling Air Conditioning Service

    Do you get frustrated after spending a lot in summers for a perfect cooling for your home? Are your evaporative coolers not working properly and didn’t give you the cooling as you want? Then you should call Heating Doctor Melbourne for your Evaporative Cooling System Repairing Service and home cooling service. We provide a bunch of services including keeping and repairing of all top brands of Evaporative Cooling System. We own the most recommended technicians for repair and installation service who are in this service for more than 15 years. We provide our evaporative coolers repair and installation services for all the brands. Thus you can rely on us to get different services for Evaporative Cooling Melbourne.
Evaporative Air Cooling Service

5 Star Air Con Systems For Your Home in Melbourne

We have a professional and most reliable service provider in Melbourne which helps you in buying the best air conditioner brands, also fixes your cooling systems with care and provides maintenance services at its best. Our team of certified professionals guides you with the best solutions and advice you on buying good air conditioning brands while keeping the client’s budget in mind. Call us on 1300 202 275
and get your free quotes now. Our expert workers and technicians have the right knowledge to brief you, get in touch now.
Successfully Maintain All Air Conditioning Brands
We have years of experience and our professional technicians offer a one-stop complete solution for all brands of air conditioners and cooling systems, such as:

  • Installation of Central Air Conditioning
  • Installation and Repairing of Split Systems
  • Maintenance of Room Air Conditioners
  • Installation and Maintenance of Evaporative Cooling System
  • Installation of Reverse Cycle of Split Systems

Get your work done by professionals now!

Why Choose Heating Doctor Melbourne For Air conditioning Repairs and Servicing?

We have years of experience in AC repairs and service, we’re working to make our services better and better. We provide our client with quality cleaning and repair service which ensure the smooth functioning of their air-conditioner. Besides providing only services, we give a sense of assurance of quality work and hassle-free process. For bookings call on our numbers, we will be delighted to serve you.

Frequently Asked Questions on Air Conditioning Melbourne:

Do home air conditioners need Regassing?

Yes, the gas gets finished over a period of time on use. The cooling capacity reduces thus in order to get back the efficiency, regassing is suggested. The gas in the form of coolant plays an important role. The rubber or plastic hoses are used for the gas restoration like in-car Ac which makes the early end of the gas. This problem does not occur in the home Ac as the system is different.

Is it OK to spray water on your air conditioner?

The spray of water on the air conditioner will wash away the dirt and oily particles which are produced by the condenser and coil. This will help in increasing the efficiency of the system. But it is not advised to wash them with the spray of the water.

Can you give me a price for a new installation over the phone?

Yes, we have the facilities for providing the free quotes for the services whether it is installation, repair or servicing. The prices said over the phone are estimation so they may change. If the services will be done in the way you explained with us then the service charge will be nearby the estimation. Thus it is to help the customers to asses whether they can afford this service or not.

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The common air conditioner troubleshooting

Air conditioners are a necessary equipment in our houses, if it goes off, within an immediate effect you’ll start feeling suffocated and the summer. Well, you may be aware of that, you will turn on the air conditioner if it goes off. There is a bunch of problems which can cause a delay in air-conditioner operations or any kind of improper function. Here are some common sense operational procedures to troubleshoot the air conditioner.

Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

Air conditioner is not turning on.

The worst thing on a summer day is when your air conditioner is not turning on. There are multiple reasons, why your AC is not getting on. There might be a short circuit or fuse blown in the wiring or there could be a problem with the thermostat. In all the above cases you have to look for every wiring covering your air conditioner. Check if the tripped circuit breaker has got off if you’re not able to find the problem contact an air conditioner repair professional.

Problem in thermostat.

The thermostat is an important component of the air conditioner. It maintains the set temperature and balances it, throughout the operation. If it stops its function of incorrectly calibrated, it’ll cause a problem in the functioning of the AC. if anything happening in your AC, you should call heating ventilation and air conditioning repair service professionals. He’ll have the required tools and equipment to fix the problem.

Air conditioner is not cooling.

If air conditioner is not cooling the premises properly, it might be due to low refrigerant in compressor. You have to call professional air conditioner repair service expert to fill the refrigerant and get the AC working.

Air Conditioner Repair

Air Conditioner Repair

Keep checking your condenser.

A condenser is an outside unit of the AC, and this unit is vulnerable to dust build up. If the dirt build up is in excess, your ac will not be able to remove heat, which will then compromise with cooling of the AC. So, keep the condenser clean, call professionals and clean the AC. You’ll notice the cooling has been improved after the AC service.

Frozen evaporator coil.

Frozen evaporator coil is the reason of dust build up in filter of low refrigerant in the compressor. This causes a thin layer of ice on evaporator coil, which obstruct the air flow and result in slow blow of air without cooling. You have to call professional to repair the AC and solve the problem.

Leaking ducts

Leaking ducts may result in warm air and a faulty compressor. If you have a leakage in the duct you should consider calling professional, because if you keep the air conditioner on it’ll affect the compressor durability. Heating Doctor Melbourne is the best heating and cooling repair service provider in Melbourne. You can reach to us book the services if your air conditioner is having any problem. We’re the best Air conditioner service provider in Melbourne.

Best Air Conditioner Service

Best Air Conditioner Service

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